37. For Children for piano

Early Version and Revised Version


On the Complete Critical Edition

Abbreviations and Bibliographical References


For Children: Composition and First Edition

Transcriptions and Revisions

The Revised Edition: For Children

Reception History

Later Impressions and Editions

For Children in the Complete Critical Edition


Notation and Performance

Bartók’s Notation

The Composer’s Recordings

Piano Notation

Folk Songs as Sources


Tempo, Metronome Markings, and Duration

Key Signatures and Accidentals


Touch and Accent Signs


Pedal Markings



For Children in the Classroom and in Concert

For Children. Easy piano pieces (without octaves) based on children’s and folk songs from Hungary (BB 53, early version)

Volume I

Volume II

Volume III

Volume IV

For Children (BB 53, revised version)

Volume I Based on Hungarian Folk Tunes

Volume II Based on Slovakian Folk Tunes

Appendix I

Folk Music Sources

Appendix II

Revised Versions for Young People at the Piano

The Earliest Set, Nos. I–IX

Selected Transcriptions of Bartók’s Recordings


Prefatory Remarks

Folk Music Sources

Manuscript Sources and Collections

Published Collections

Compositional Sources

Symbols and Sigla

List of Sources

Types of Music Paper

Description of Sources

Sources of the First Edition: Vols. I–II

Sources of the First Edition: Vols. III–IV

Sources of Young People at the Piano

Sources of the Revised Edition

Critical Notes

Gyermekeknek I–II / For Children I

Pro děti III–IV / For Children II